Our gearpumps


DP tandhjul Illustration

The most common uses for gear pumps:

Spray pump
ilge pump
ire Pump
Transfer Pump
Metering pump
il pump
allast Pump
rim Pump
irculation pump


DELTA gear pump is a type of displacement pump in which two rotating gears transporting a liquid. The fluid is captured into the volume between the teeth of the gears, and forced out at the end of the pump. The teeth in the gears interlocking without clearance, so that the liquid can not flow back to the inlet.


General Delta gear pump applies:

Is self-priming
Tolerates dry run
Optional direction of rotation
Optional mounting – Easy maintenance
Can be supplied with integral, adjustable safety valve
Can be delivered with certificates


Delta gear pump transports ex.:

Fresh and seawater
Oils and diesel
Fish waste / silage
Paint, glue, liquid plastic and tar
Honey, tomato puree and syrup
Sewage / septic
Silo Saft / land